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A good example of my 'out of the box' way of thinking can be found in my ideas to implement video as a tool for stage lighting.

Digital Lighting

It is interesting to research the effects of using an (animated) video image as a part of stage lighting. An example of this is using beamers to light a scene or using ordinary lights which get their parameters from a videoclip.

4D - Hemelsblauw

Anouke de Groot - Grijs Gedraaid


My fascination for this special application for video has brought me to do research in the field of lighting design. In 2007 and 2008 I interviewed multiple lighting designers and other stage designers to see what kind of possibilities they saw in this new application of technology. This research lead me to write a thesis about digital lighting, which can be downloaded here (Dutch). For an overview of the interviewees, please refer to this page (Dutch).


In response to the thesis, an article about the subject was written in the stage lighting journal Zichtlijnen (nr. 120, Septembre 2008). The article summarizes the thesis in about 4 pages, and can be downloaded by clicking on the thumbnail below.

Artikel zichtlijnen


scriptie Digitaal Belicht

'Digitaal Belicht' ('Digitally Lit') is a research into the application of a technology often referred to as digital lighting: a lighting method that defines lighting properties like color, intensity and motion with the use of video. This allows very organic and very expressive forms of stage lighting.

To research the potential of this new development, I sent out surveys to 48 stage designers and interviewed 9 of them. The results of this investigation have been summarized in an article in the Zichtlijnen journal.

If you would like to read the full text of the thesis, you can do so at the thesis website (Dutch).


Background: Photo from JoniVogelTheater - Stormkracht op Fluistereiland