0 Tiedo Wilschut lighting design - Anouke de Groot - Grijs Gedraaid

Anouke de Groot - Grijs Gedraaid

In Grijs Gedraaid (2008), one of the plays created by graduating director Anouke de Groot about the process of aging, the stage floor was lighted by 48 PAR-spotlights, hanging from steel cables. These spotlights were controlled by video through a technology called pixelmapping.

In the scene above it can be seen that the intensity of the lighting is controlled by a video of clouds slowly passing by overhead. This brought constant organic, but unpredictable changes in the lighting. This feeling of unease represented how the elderly people living in a nursery home experienced the wild, dynamic ways of the outside world.

The image above shows a computer working with the mediasoftware Catalyst. In the bottom left screen you can see a top view of the positions of the spotlights and a graphical representation of each spotlight's intensity. This information was recalled and interpreted by a lighting computer. This allowed controllable, subtle, slow transitions in the lighting dynamics.



Background: Photo from Balletschool Lisette - Wat kijken we vandaag?