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About Tiedo Wilschut

On this page you'll find some more information about what I do and what my approach (usually) is.

Disciplines merging together

When creating a lighting design or stage design, I think it is important that the light is an essential part of the common end product: the light should not shine on the show but should be a substantial part of it.

To achieve this, I would like to talk intensively with the other disciplines like scenery and direction so that the final performance is a fusion of these disciplines.

Musical Hair
Musical Hair Musical Hair
Photo from the show Hair made by Le Roy Theaterproducties (2009). Director: Simone le Roy. Scenography: Tiedo Wilschut

A good lighting design is an integral part of the play and decor and enhances the atmosphere at each moment in the show. In the above pictures of the musical Hair, this unity of light, acting and scenery is clearly visible.

Out of the box

When creating a lighting design / scenography I easily think 'out of the box'. I do not limit myself to conventional lighting methods, but I also try to explore new opportunities to create original and appropriate light images.

Photo from the drama play Ontboezemingen from Theaterwerk Spiriet (2010). Directed by Johan Verheij. Set design: Jan Kors. Lighting design: Tiedo Wilschut.
The TL-floorfixtures used to lighten this scene are especially designed for this piece.

Extreme examples are Olmak, where the light was projected through mirror foil and Ontboezemingen, which was for a large proportion illuminated by fluorescent light.

Beamers as a source of light

Another interesting example is that, in a number of performances, I combined using video and light in some different ways, like using video to control dimmers and using beamer to illuminate actresses and / or scenery.

In my graduation performance called Hemelsblauw (2008), I used beamer like a kind of interactive lighting source, illuminating an actress.

Opening scene from my graduation performance called Hemelsblauw. Directed by myself. Actors: Floor van Dongen & Mark Thewessen. Technical performance: Joost Giesken & Jeffrey Steenbergen.

You can find more interesting examples on the page Digital lighting.


In order to translate the artistic ideas to a workable plan, I make digital CAD drawings in 2D and/of 3D. I'm using Vectorworks Spotlight 2012 for this job. Here you can see an example of a drawing I made in order of the Holland Festival 2012 and a lighting plot I made for a dance performance.

drawing for Out of the Box for the Holland Festival
Master drawing for Out of the Box concert during the Holland Festival 2012 [pdf]

lighting plot for Disorderly Conduct from T.R.A.S.H.
Lighting plot for Disorderly Conduct from T.R.A.S.H. (2011) [pdf]

More information

You can find more examples of projects I made lighting- and/or scenery designs for at the portfolio page. If you would like to know more about my personal background, please have a look at my biography.

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lichtontwerper Tiedo Wilschut

From my profession as lighting designer, I'm making lighting designs and scenographies for theatre, events, musea and other forms of art-expressions that are asking for a theatrical and creative approach when it comes to light and space.

Tiedo Wilschut

Living in:
Purmerend, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

Bachelor in Technical Theatre Arts at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten

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Background: Photo from Bruno Beltrão - Crackz (Holland Festival)