Tiedo Wilschut lighting design - Melih Gençboyaci - Olmak

Melih Gençboyaci - Olmak

Year: 2009
Function(s): Lighting design Lighting design
Scenery design Scenery design
Description: In this project, Melih Gençboyaci investigates the nine meanings of Olmak (Turkish word for to be). The permormers are in a space where they are on their toes and ask themselves the ultimate question: 'to be or not to be'.

For this performance, I made a scenography in which mirrors played an important role for both the actors and the lighting, which is often bounced through the mirrors and (also mirror) floor.


  • Lighting design
  • Involved in lighting design
  • Scenery design
  • Technical Production
  • Video design / digital light design
  • Sound design

Background: Photo from Anouke de Groot - Grijs Gedraaid