$ Tiedo Wilschut lighting design - Barlaeus Gymnasium Amsterdam - Idomeneo

Barlaeus Gymnasium Amsterdam - Idomeneo

Year: 2011
Function(s): Lighting design Lighting design
Scenery design Scenery design
Links: Barlaeus Gymnasium - Idomeneo
Description: For the music theater piece Idomeneo, played by the students of the Barlaeus Gymnasium in Amsterdam, I taught two students in lighting design and made with them ​​a colorful light for this multidisciplinary show directed by Richard Molenschot.


  • Lighting design
  • Involved in lighting design
  • Scenery design
  • Technical Production
  • Video design / digital light design
  • Sound design

Background: Photo from JoniVogelTheater - Stormkracht op Fluistereiland