Tiedo Wilschut lighting design - Queen’s Night Concert

Queen’s Night Concert

Year: 2013
Function(s): Lighting design Lighting design
Links: Royal Concertgebouw Ochestra
Description: What happens when two totally different musical cultures meet? The differences often prove to be less profound than originally thought and are the source of great inspiration. So for the fourth time, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is teaming up with artists in other genres for a musical exploration in collaboration with the Entrée youth association. The exact details of the programme will be announced at a later date. We'll be filling in the blanks later to ensure that it's a truly cutting-edge encounter. This much is certain, though: Riccardo Chailly, in collaboration with conductor-arranger Jules Buckley and jazz pianist Stefano Bollani, will be giving an entirely new meaning to the event.


  • Lighting design
  • Involved in lighting design
  • Scenery design
  • Technical Production
  • Video design / digital light design
  • Sound design

Background: Photo from Queen’s Night Concert