Tiedo Wilschut lighting design - Theaterwerk Spiriet - Ontboezemingen

Theaterwerk Spiriet - Ontboezemingen

Year: 2010
Function(s): Lighting design Lighting design
Links: Voorstelling Ontboezemingen
Theatre company Theaterwerk Spiriet
Description: A beautiful, humorous and yet touching show about 5 very different women whose lives turned upside down due to breast cancer disease. The cast includes Diana Dobbelman, Dominique van Vliet, Adrienne Kleiweg, Leyla Çimen and Aukje van Ginneken.

For this performance, I made a lighting design in which I drew inspiration from a visit to the AVL Hospital in Amsterdam. The cold, hard, clinical fluorescent lights there became somehow related to this disease for me and found, translated for the theatre, a place in this piece.




  • Lighting design
  • Involved in lighting design
  • Scenery design
  • Technical Production
  • Video design / digital light design
  • Sound design

Background: Photo from Queen’s Night Concert